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Things as they aren’t




Mia Rita, TATA Magazine


2017 – current

Things as They aren’t Magazine (TATA for short) is an art publication focused on the human body and, therefore, comprised of nude photography, art, and essays/poetry. The magazine was created and is curated by Scotland-based photographer Mia Rita, and is a realization of her dream to assemble an ever-growing collaborative of like-minded artist friends, of which I am humbled to be included.

Mia approached me in 2017, needing to rebrand the fledgling magazine, and overhaul its look and feel. My goal was to create a showcase for the work that complemented the incredible work, but did not get in the way. The roughed-up logo elements suggest the DIY nature of the endeavor, but are modern and minimalist in application.

Six issues in, and TATA Magazine continues to be the labor-of-love project designers dream of.

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