Ethical Narrative

Autumn Payne, Ethical Narrative

The wonderful people at Ethical Narrative are documentary storytellers working at the intersection of social work and video production. They serve changemakers in all fields and from all walks of life, with an emphasis on nonprofits.

To symbolize their work, the wide and curving form of the logomark’s N evokes the journey along a timeline from start to finish. The counter space creates an abstract “n” at the base, and an angular form at top, pointing onwards and upwards. To match the rounded form of the logomark, the typeface Brooklyn creates the logotype.


Our new logo was designed by local designer Tim Hoerl. He listened deeply to us about our vision for Ethical Narrative and was able to produce a logo for us that expressed what we wanted to say.

We wanted a logo that represented our journey and the importance of engagement with others as they share their experience with us. It's soft while also being bold. It incorporates shades of blue, which to us represents transparency, openness and depth. We purposely left any references of technology out of the logo, such as black film strips and cameras, which can represent the barriers that exist in video production.

Hoerl was able to take our vision and translate it visually into a mark that we are very proud of.