Hoerl Design Featured in DesignRush Spotlight

Hoerl Design’s work on TATA Magazine was honored to be featured in the DesignRush Spotlight article, “6 Best Magazine Print Designs With Impressive Layouts That Boost Readership,” alongside several other outstanding designers. 

Of TATA, author Miguel Christopher De Guia writes, “Hoerl Design‘s rebranding of TATA (Things As They Aren’t) Magazine is a masterclass in tasteful presentation. The magazine delves into the human body’s exploration through artful nude photography, thoughtful essays, and visual art. Its pages are adorned with these photographs, arranged in layouts that balance boldness and subtlety.”

De Guia continues, “The color scheme is intentionally restrained, mainly employing whites, blacks, and muted tones. It lends a timeless quality that complements the artistry of the content. The rebranding elevates the magazine’s content without overpowering it. The visuals encapsulate the magazine’s DIY value and collaborative essence with its rough, minimalist aesthetic.”

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